Dual Fan Laptop Cooling Pad India 2022 | Buy On Amazon

  • Ergonomic laptop cooler and stand
  • It has 4 inclination angle options to suit your needs. Angled modulated design for comfortable operation
  • Reduces working fatigue for long hours of the laptop working
  • Can also be used as a laptop stand for the correct angle of viewing
  • The Zinq cool pad has a strong and sturdy design.
  • t is durable and lightweight and can be used easily anywhere from bed to table.
  • The cool pad has an adjustable bottom for different angles to reduce working fatigue.
  • The cool pad comes with two powerful fans that safeguard laptops from heating.
  • Dual Fan Laptop Cooling Pad India 2022


Dual Fan Laptop Cooling Pad India 2022

Dual Fan Laptop Cooling Pad India 2022

The best laptop cooling pad can make your laptop’s performance more efficient and smoother since the computer system has the capacity to manage the operation and the demands to operate at an even higher degree.

As you’ve probably guessed, many high-octane applications can consume the majority of the computer’s resources. Therefore, your laptop will release an enormous amount of heat. This is particularly true if use your laptop regularly for high-end gaming.

The system must have a space for it to work without interruption or random disturbance.

The only way to control the amount of heat that is generated by your laptop is to get the most efficient laptop cooler pad. This will not only improve the appearance of your laptop however it will make it more efficient in adjusting to the heat. This will ultimately increase the efficiency of the laptop since it won’t be suffocated in heat.

It is for this reason that cooling pads are an essential accessory that laptops can purchase. Whatever you do with your laptop, you may play video games or use your computer as a workstation. The cooling pad makes your laptop perform better and you’ll notice an increase in your production rate.

Technical Details

  • Brand: Zinq Technologies
  • Manufacturer: Aspire Overseas Limited,
  • Series: Cooling Pad
  • Colour: Black
  • Item Height: 30 Millimeters
  • Item Width: 28 Centimeters
  • Product Dimensions: 36 x 28 x 3cm 740 grams
  • Item model number: Cool Slate 2F
  • Are Batteries Included: No
  • Included Components: Cooling Pad
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Item Weight: 740 g

Features of Laptop Cooling Pad

  • Stand and laptop cooler that is ergonomically designed.
  • It comes with 4 angles of inclination options to meet your requirements
  • Reduces fatigue from long hours of laptop work
  • Also, it can be used as a laptop stand to ensure the ideal angle of view


Cool pad Zinq features a solid and robust design. It’s durable and light and can be utilized at any time, from the bed to the table. It is elegant with a metal mesh that is a perfect match for its appearance. Read more about Dual Fan Laptop Cooling Pad India 2022


The cool pad comes with an adjustable bottom to allow for various angles, which helps reduce fatigue. It’s ideal for laptops that are up to 15.6″.


The cool pad has two powerful fans to protect laptops from heat. Cool pads prevent damage to laptops and also extend the life of laptops.


It is the Zinq Cool Pad is essential due to the increasing use of laptops as well as heating problems. The dual fans cool laptops and help ensure effective functioning. The cool pad is equipped with an adjustable bottom that helps reduce the fatigue of working. Utilizing cooling pads can extend the life of laptops.


It features a mesh of metal at the top, which is lovely and you can feel the air blowing over the laptop very well holding your hands on it. The fans are top-quality and the performance is as high as you can get for cooling fans. Be aware that simply blowing lots of air into the laptop will not reduce temperatures to a certain level. The cooling pads with 5 fans won’t be as effective as this dual-fan system.

The cooling pad is able to be used with a laptop of 15 inches, but that’s all. Do not think about putting a 17-inch laptop in here. I’m using it with 14 inches and it’s great for this size. There are three “modes” or tilt options that are available. Each of them is suitable depending on the space you need, but the flow was not the only thing I noticed any difference between the three options.

It has two USB ports. It is connected to your laptop via the supplied USB A to USB A cable. Another cable is suitable as a keyboard, mouse, or controller. Don’t connect an external hard drive into it, instead, use a native port on your laptop to connect high-speed devices. The laptop has a cut-out in the holder/stopper in the front to stop your laptop from sliding away and opening up after the lid has been shut.

Fan noise

It makes a nice whoosh sound instead of an intermittently annoying sound. I would say that the fan noise on it isn’t an issue. I would rather turn off the fan that is annoying on my laptop and instead use external fans for only. It results in lower temperatures surprising.

How Does a Laptop Cooling Pad Works?
The cooler provides an even surface on which laptops can circulate the heat. Additionally, the fan in the active cooler permits the laptop’s hardware to cool.

  1. The passive cooler lets the hot air produced evaporate.
  2. If any component of the laptop gets hot the central processing unit will decide to provide some relief to the affected part.
  3. In the end, that component begins to work slow, so that heat is transferred and the temperature of the hardware is brought to a lower temperature.
  4. In addition, the cooling system that is in the laptop provides focus to this part.
  5. When an additional cool surface is included the heat transfer process is made more efficient.
  6. Furthermore, if your cooler is equipped with an air-flow fan, then this hot-air transition happens quickly and you can observe that
  7. The processing unit permits all units to work as although they generate more heat than other units.
  8. The laptop is able to perform quite well, even when a huge amount of pressure.


Make sure you own a laptop made of metal and can tolerate the absence of an off switch. There aren’t any other fan options that are less expensive and more efficient.

Laptop cooling pads can be helpful for laptops with older models which have limitations in the cooling system. When you are buying a cooling pad, it is important to be aware of the dimensions of your laptop as well as the reason for using it. So this concludes our review for Dual Fan Laptop Cooling Pad India 2022.