G604 Wireless Gaming Mouse USA 2022 | Buy On Amazon

  • 15 programmable controls: include 6 thumb buttons; fully programmable with G hub software
  • DUAL CONNECTIVITY: Toggle between convenient Bluetooth and ultra-fast 1 ms LIGHTSPEED advanced wireless technology.
  • Bluetooth report rate: 88 133 Hz (7.5 11.25 ms)
  • Hero 25K sensor through a software update from G HUB, this upgrade is free to all players: Our most advanced, with 1:1 tracking, 400-plus ips, and 100 – 25,600 max dpi sensitivity plus zero smoothing, filtering, or acceleration
  • DUAL MODE HYPERFAST SCROLL WHEEL: Durable metal scroll wheel switches between hyper-fast and ratcheted scrolling; Programmable scrolling lets you apply key binds
  • 240 HOURS WITH 1 AA: efficient HERO 16K allows for 240 hours in LIGHTSPEED mode or up to 5; 5 months in Bluetooth mode
  • 2 Years Limited Hardware Warranty
  • G604 Wireless Gaming Mouse USA 2022


G604 Wireless Gaming Mouse USA 2022

G604 Wireless Gaming Mouse USA 2022

Gaming mice have advanced a lot and looking at contemporary wireless models provides the clearest picture of the way and reason. Check out this model: the Logitech G604 Lightspeed wireless mouse and it doesn’t bring back the classic mouse with a plethora of buttons, and a cable, which would typically restrict your range of operation from your desk.

You now have a wireless mouse equipped with a comfortable palm rest with two connectivity options and an AA battery with a single battery that will provide a month of continuous use.


The G604 design isn’t much different in comparison to its predecessor that was it’s the Logitech G602. It’s got the same ergonomic design for right-handed users and features an extended thumb rest as well as small thumb buttons that are located in the sides. The only change, perhaps it’s the all-black design with a textured palm, as well as thumb, rests.

Additionally, there are two buttons to the left-click that allow you to adjust dots-per-inch (DPI) sensitivities both up and down as well as the scroll wheel rotates across three different directions. Additionally, there are two buttons located in the middle which adjust the tension of the scroll wheel in addition to wireless connections.

Overall it’s a comfortable mouse to hold and to use and, we’d like to claim that it’s more suited to games that are fast as opposed to the majority of the palm-grip mouse. Its thumb-button is easier to use than before, with simple-to-click protrusions compared to standard prisms. It is possible to differentiate the buttons with no effort at them, which makes it perfect for gamers in the middle of a counter-strike game.

G604 Wireless Gaming Mouse USA 2022


One of the most interesting features that are unique to one of the most interesting features on Logitech G604 is the fact it can be connected via USB dongle as well as Bluetooth. Additionally, you are able to switch between both by pressing a button. This means it’s possible to connect your G604 with your gaming system and then instantly switch to a Bluetooth-enabled device like a laptop, or mobile device.

The battery life of the mouse extends significantly with Bluetooth and you are able to easily use it to play games and work when you need to make the most of your battery. Beyond that, the mouse is running the G Hub software of Logitech, which is a robust and reliable service. It does not have RGB lighting, which means that the majority of options are different DPI levels (a maximum of 16,600) or programming buttons. The only issue could be the G-Hub’s unique auto-switching profiles but it’s not a major issue not at all.


It’s a good choice. Logitech G604 plays well across a range of devices. It’s awe-inspiring to see the small thumb button even if you’re expecting to have them difficult to discern from each other. It is possible to play the latest games such as Overwatch, Age of Mythology: Extended Edition, and Final Fantasy XIV with no delays, but keep in mind that the latter game requires the most buttons.

In these games, it is possible to identify the keys pay more at what’s going on the screen, and not have to move your hands across the keyboard as you try to determine the ideal time to apply your abilities. It is not necessary to make use of your left hand to perform additional techniques for situations including stuns and interruptions.

The mouse can also be used with other games, particularly real-time games of strategy, which can be difficult to play with mechanical mice. In this case, you don’t really require the many additional buttons in most genres of games However, if you want to it is possible to look at the less streamlined Logitech G703.

G604 Wireless Gaming Mouse USA 2022- Conclusion

In just five years of gaming, mice have changed dramatically, as well as the entire gaming market. Its Logitech G604 mouse is somewhere in with a sleek appearance and many buttons that are available. It was initially priced slightly more than its predecessor model, that of the Logitech G602 when it debited from the bank, but today you can buy it at a very low cost. The G604 intends to give MMO players a powerful tool that will never disappoint them, and surprisingly, it delivers in its concept.

In the case of MMO mice, I personally prefer those made by the Razer Naga Trinity with its swappable side panels as well as RGB lighting. There is one caveat: it’s wired, and you’ll have to determine how much wireless connectivity is important to you. If it’s really worth it then the Logitech G604 model is an excellent option.